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Prosecutor: No charges for New Jersey fifth graders accused of school bomb plan

A group of fifth graders who were upset about a friend being bullied devised an unrealistic plan to bomb a high school with a mint tin filled with salad dressing, vegetable oil and cinnamon, New Jersey authorities explained Friday.

Clifton police said that the four 10 and 11-year-olds at School No. 11 did not pose a threat to anyone at Clifton High School when they allegedly came up with a plan to “bomb” the school during a field trip Wednesday. The device they constructed out of kitchen items was nonflammable and nonfunctional, according to NBC.

“The alleged bomb was neither flammable nor dangerous, nor did any student possess any type of lighting device. At no time were the students of School No. 11, or Clifton High School in danger,” the Passaic County prosecutor, Camelia Valdes, said.

Police explained that the four students, two of which are girls, made the plans after they were bullied by a high school student. At first, police said that five students were involved and that they had all been arrested.

However, prosecutors said Friday that only four students were involved in the plan and none of them were charged with any crimes or taken into custody. But the students have been required to enter an agreement with police to go through counseling.

They also have to undergo psychiatric evaluations before they can go back to school. If they choose to forego the requirements, they could face charges.

Although the superintendent of schools in Clifton said that no one was in danger, authorities said there was intent to do harm.

“The bomb squad was there, and the cars and the kids were outside, and they were crying,” a student, Alyson Pineiro, said.

One of the kids’ classmates, 11-year-old Yusuf Alnator, said Thursday that he knows “the girls and they are good girls, and I don’t think they would do something like that. They’re on safety patrol.”

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