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President Obama Says “America Is Great Now”

Last Wednesday, President Obama indirectly addressed some of the political rhetoric spewed by Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

If you’ve listened to Trump speak, you have without a doubt heard him talk about transforming America into a “winner” or that he wants to “make America great again”. While these words have echoed in the ears of voters, they’ve also seeped into the White House.

It’s no surprise that Trump isn’t President Obama’s biggest fan. At the Business Roundtable on Wednesday, Obama addressed some of the language used by Trump – without directly mentioning him, of course.

Obama used Trumps own words and proclaimed:

 “America’s winning right now. America is great right now”

This week the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, will be welcomed at the White House. Obama commented on the upcoming visit and said that while it’s important to raise the issues China faces, it’s important to do so with respectful dialogue. He said:

 “As long as we don’t resort to the kind of loose talk and name-calling I notice some of our presidential candidates engage in. It tends not to be constructive.”

Trump is known for his antagonistic, competitive approach to politics. He has made a point of saying if he becomes president he will make changes to ensure America is a leader in all arena’s above the rest of the world. At the debate he said:

 “The world will respect us. They will respect us like never before. And it will be actually a friendlier world.”

President Obama clearly disagrees with Trumps description of how people perceive America. He addressed the competitive vernacular used by “some candidates” and said:

“This whole notion that somehow we’re getting out-competed, out-dealt, we’re losing…Nobody outside the United States understands what we’re talking about.”

After Obama spoke at the Business Roundtable, Trump made some adjustments to his slogan. Instead of making America great again he will now “do something really special” and “make this country greater than ever before”.


I think we’re all in trouble if Trump has any hand in what becomes of America.

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