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Popularity of Lego May Cause Shortages in Stores During Christmas Season

Recent popularity of The Lego Company’s first original film, The Lego Movie has caused the toy company to experience huge global demand for its toys and products, and may result in consumers experiencing shortages of the product during the upcoming holiday season.

Lego has replaced Ferrari as Forbes’ most influential brand for 2015; the company has experienced a revenue increase of 18 percent from last year, largely thanks to global sales influenced by The Lego Movie’s status. New factories are scheduled to open in 2020 to aid demand, situated in Denmark, Hungary and Mexico.

60 billion pieces of Lego were sold in 2014, leaving the presently operational factories struggling to keep up with retail demands. Lego spokesman Roar Trangbaek confirms: “We will not be able to deliver all of the new orders coming from customers in the remainder of the year in some markets in Europe.” Lego has not released a statement indicating which countries will be affected by the shortage.

The Lego Group has been quoted saying they would like to transition to relying more on the sales of original characters and themes, such as the robot and vehicle sets first released in the 1950s. Lego has been run by family members since Ole Kirk Christiansen began building the toys in 1949.

Christiansen was a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, and produced “Automatic Binding Bricks,” the earliest version of the toy. The name “Lego” comes leg godt, a Danish phrase that means “play well.”

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