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Pope Francis Begins Battle Against Climate Change

A document written by Pope Francis has leaked regarding the battle of climate change in the world. The 192-page document was posted by the weekly magazine, L’Espresso, with the Pope backing scientists who are saying that global warming is our fault and that we need to do something before it gravely affects the world.

According to the leaked version, “If the current trend continues, this century could see unheard-of climate change and an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems, with grave consequences for all of us.”

Pope Francis also apparently goes onto say that developed nations are the ones most responsible for the increase in climate change, and therefor the ones who must make the necessary changes due to the fact that the people who will suffer the repercussions of climate change are some of the poorest of the world who are likely to lose ecosystems and become even poorer if the trend of climate change continues. Pope Francis also urges nations to re-examine their lifestyles which are mostly “throw-away” lifestyles.

All in all, he is calling for a reduction in carbon emissions, an increase in policies that favour renewable energy and is warning against the use of fossil fuels as a main source of global energy.

In releasing this document, which will be officially released tomorrow, Pope Francis is hoping to encourage the huge community of Catholics worldwide to lobby their governments for these changes and hopefully to target people of other religions as well. He also wants the document, “Laudato Si (Praised Be, On The Care of Our Common Home” to become a part of the environment debate at the United Nation’s climate change summit in Paris later this year.

Personally, I think that a document like this is a long time coming. For years we have been told that climate change is a real thing and that it will lead to devastation in the world. Unfortunately, we have also been told in the developed world, that it is not necessarily our fault and that even if bad things happen, we know we will be alright. This is totally false, as Pope Francis points out.

With the increase of violent weather and environmental devastations that have occurred in this year alone, it is obvious that no matter where in the world that a population is in trouble, other countries must assist them. So why not act preventatively with regards to climate change? I think that Pope Francis’s document is much needed and I hope that it will be given credence in the international community, regardless of everyone’s religion.

It is also extremely refreshing to see the Pope holding true to his promises over the last few weeks. Not only is he actively battling the covering up of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, but following up on his promise to assist with the environmental issues of the world makes it clear that Pope Francis was a very wise choice and gives me hope that we can trust the leaders in power to do what is best for the entire world, not just the developed world.

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