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Pop-Tarts to release (some) original flavors

Pop-Tarts is gearing up to release five “new” limited edition flavors over the next few months; only, the majority of the flavors that were announced seem to be recycled from previous years.

The first limited edition flavor to be released is Chocolatey Caramel, which will feature a chocolate tart filled with caramel and topped with chocolate and caramel icing. This “new” flavor seems remarkably similar to the discontinued “Caramel Chocolate” flavor.

Bacon lovers rejoice! Kellogg’s has jumped on the bacon wagon of the (fading?) trend and produced a Maple Bacon edition that will feature a bacon and maple filling, topped with savory sprinkles. The flavor is to be released in time for the December holiday season.

Frosted Watermelon will close the year, which also bears a striking resemblance to the discontinued “Wild Watermelon” flavor, and will feature pink filling with neon green-and-pink icing.

In 2016, we will see a launch of a classic pop-tart flavor, strawberry, re-branded as “Spring Frosted Strawberry.” The only perceptible difference from the original tarts seems to be the comic that will be printed onto the frosting.

The last flavor will be Pink Lemonade, which will feature a lemonade filling with pink icing and yellow-and-pink sprinkles, to be released in April.

Pop-Tarts has experienced increased sales every year since their initial release in 1964 because of popularity from the original flavors. Limited edition flavors and related products, such as the 2002 Snack-Stix and 2006 Go-Tarts, have been short-lived and mediocre. Creating anticipation over these “fresh” limited releases seems fruitless; the majority of the flavors listed have already been sold, reviewed, and forgotten about.

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