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A heavy police presence on Hope Avenue following Wednesday night's shooting. Image courtesy of CNY Central.

Police identify dead teen after deadly shooting in Syracuse

The body of a victim of Wednesday night’s shooting on Hope Avenue in Syracuse, NY has been identified. 15-year-old Zavion Escobar was fatally wounded and an unnamed 17-year-old victim was injured in the shooting.

A police officer in an unmarked vehicle reported hearing what sounded like gunshots at 7:20pm Wednesday night near Hope Avenue. The officer followed the car that he believed responsible for the shots. While both the officer and suspects were on Moore Avenue, the suspects got out of the car and ran into Oakwood Cemetery.

Police say that the suspects fired several shots at the officer while running into the cemetery. The officer was not injured in the ordeal.

The entire area including Syracuse University was put on lockdown while police searched for the suspects.  Residents were advised to stay indoors and stay out of Oakwood Cemetery. Residents in the area report seeing at least one police helicopter and hearing many police sirens.

Around the same time, while multiple units were tracking down the suspects, several other units were sent to investigate a shooting at 148 Hope Avenue. They found Zavion Escobar dead, and the 17-year-old suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. He was rushed to Upstate University Hospital and is expected to survive.

Residents remained on lockdown for over three hours.

The suspects are still at large. As of now little is know about the shooting. Those who have any information are asked to contact the Syracuse Police Department.

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