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Photo: Myriam Tsen-Kung/Coconuts Media

Play Me, I’m Yours Reaches Hong Kong

Hong Kong has now officially joined forces with the Play Me, I’m Yours project!

Play Me, I’m Yours is an international music exhibition that places donated pianos that have been beautifully decorated in different cities around the globe. Luke Jerram began the project in 2008. His goal was to create a comfortable public space in cities for individuals to join together and create a sense of community while exploring their musical and creative curiosity.

As of Monday, Hong Kong has joined the endeavor and are calling their participation “Our Hong Kong, Our Talents – Play me, I’m Yours”. They are the 48th city to participate and hopefully won’t be the last. Local Hong Kong artists designed and decorated the dozens of pianos that pepper central PMQ. The exhibits will continue to spread across Hong Kong until December.

Residents are pleased and intrigued by the new addition to their city.

“At first, I wondered if they were real pianos. When I realised that we could play them I found this idea very interesting and original!” – Natalie

“Playing piano is one of the most basic things Asian parents want their kids to learn.” – Joyce

“Something special for people that live in HK” – Nathan.   

This project isn’t the first of its kind. Last month, the Sarasota Keys Piano Project brought positive attention to the homeless population when Donald Gould was discovered taking creative advantage of the beautiful piano’s on the street. To read more about his story, visit:

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