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Pilot Lands Plane Early Because of Safety Concern, Open Door Was The Cause.

A South Korean plane from flight company JIn Air departed from Ceba in the Philippines only to return back in less than an hour later.   On this Boeing 737-800 a partly open door was the cause for the emergency landing.

Lee Sung-Eun from Korea joongang daily reported the following:

“…passenger plane left Mactan Cebu International Airport at 1 a.m., turned around 30 minutes later and arrived back at the gate at 2:10 a.m. with no trouble landing. The plane was flying 10,000 feet above ground, nearly one-third its normal horizontal flight path, with 163 passengers onboard. No one was injured….
…source from Jin Air only said that ‘there was a sound’ near the front left door and that “flight attendants and people near that zone were aware” something had gone wrong.
Although some passengers complained about feeling nauseous during the return, no one was hospitalized upon arrival back in Cebu, the source added. An inspection on the door at the airport “found no gaffes in the door itself,” according to the source, adding that ‘it shut properly when staff members made another attempt.’ “


CNN reported the following:

“Jin Air says passengers were provided rooms in a local hotel and the flight took off again for Busan 15 hours later.

‘Each passenger will be given a compensation of 100,000 won ($84.28),’ said the Jin Air spokesperson.”


Fortunately every passenger seemed to be uninjured.  If the flight had continued and no one noticed the partly opened door, perhaps cabin decompression would have caused disaster to every one on board.  For further reading, take a look at this article link below from Telegraph to learn about the dangers of cabin decompression and hypoxia that could potentially happen and has happened in rare cases on commercial passenger flights.  The passengers and crew on the Jin Air plane were very lucky that the leaking door was noticed in time.



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