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People raise $40000 For cancer in Relay For Life

There are a lot of unique sicknesses in the world that people die from. This makes it hard for some people to relate to what other people are going through, because the differences in suffering that loved ones go through changes too drastically. However, there is one type of sickness that those who encounter it can relate to. That is cancer. There’s constant research being done on it, and even though we are getting closer and closer to figuring it out, there are still plenty of people dying. Because of people like the groups in this story, sooner or later cancer will be brought to an end.

Eighteen groups who participated in the relay for life run by the American cancer society event ended up raising forty thousand dollars for cancer research. These eighteen groups were the ones responsible for fundraising this year. Some local high school students were raised six thousand dollars, and another local academy raised up to eight thousand dollars. Many of these students commented and said they wanted to help because they too had dealt with family members or friends of family members with cancer.

It is good to see that young people are stepping in of their own accord to help out with large issues like these. With effort like this being put in toward cancer research, and the strides that scientists are making in terms of medical treatment, I am certain that cancer will be curable and we will not have to fear it anymore in the future.

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