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Top row from left: Groom Nicholas Papoutsis, Fabian Burgos, Jesse Groh and William Papoutsis. Bottom row from left: Jesse Papoutsis, Mandi Groh and Brian Pelker. (Photo: NORTHERN BERKS REGIONAL POLICE)

Pennsylvania Wedding – Seven Arrested (Groom in Jail, Wife in Hospital)

Wedding drama and alcohol clearly don’t mix.

Saturday, a wedding was being held at the Blue Falls Grove venue in Pennsylvania.  A beautiful scene that turned ugly at around 8pm. Doug Mehrkam, the owner of Blue Falls Grove, called the cops when he noticed that the reception had taken a violent turn.

“I just saw three groups separating and fighting, and at that point I realized I needed some help.”

The fight began when one guest noticed that a 14 year old boy was drunk. The guest proceeded to lecture the mother of the 14 year old and the mother responded violently. A third guest tried to intervene and all three of them ended up brawling. From there it only escalated and the amount of people involved snowballed.

At first there were just four officers responding to the call. Two officers from North Berks and two officers from Muhlenberg showed up to the Ontelaunee Township wedding at around 8:30 but they quickly needed to call for backup as they realized the extent of what they were working with. Several intoxicated guests began threatening the officers. Eaken stated that quite a few guests “were trying to be a calming influence” but it was no use since the “alcohol had taken over”. Police Chief Scott Eaken from Northern Berks Regional Police told the Daily News that the scene was “messy for a little while, that’s for sure”. In the end it took twenty-five police officers from sixteen departments to sort out the crowd.

According to Eaken, police officers originally arrived “with the intent of telling everyone to leave and go home, but unfortunately that didn’t happen”. In total seven people were arrested and charged.

Groom, Nicholas Papoutsis, was charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with the administration of the law and public drunkenness. He had attempted to pick fights with several officers as they were trying to calm the crowd.

The 14 year old boy’s parents, Mandi and Jessi Groh, were both arrested for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and for furnishing alcohol to minors. It looks like they should have been watching their son a bit more closely during the wedding.

Brian Pelker, another guest at the wedding, was arrested for aggravated assault, interfering with the administration of the law and public drunkenness. He attempted to block cops at the entrance of the venue and even grabbed the genitals of one of the working officers. Police eventually had to use their stun gun on the unruly guest.

The other three guests who were arrested due to their involvement in the fights were William Papoutsis Jr., Jessie Papoutsis and Fabian Burgos.

The 14 year old ended up in the hospital with a blood alcohol level of 0.16 percent (twice the legal limit for an adult to drive). The bride was also treated in the hospital for dehydration and alcohol poisoning.

An IV drip and handcuffs…that’s quite the honeymoon! Hindsight being 20/20…perhaps they should have had a dry wedding!

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