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Penn State Fraternity Suspended for Three Years

Fraternities never really interested me. I never really saw the hype in joining these groups in hopes of becoming friends with guys who do absurd things all the time. Maybe because fraternities are not all that big in Canada, I do not know, it just does not make sense to me. I usually am not the type to judge an establishment before actually going and looking at it, but the following case does not really leave a good taste in my mouth about them.

A member who was attempting to join the fraternity ended up suing Penn State and the fraternity for extremely unorthodox procedures in order to be allowed in. James Vivenzio reported being burned with cigarettes, being requested to join in on taking pictures of people in incredibly compromising positions and posting them to a private Facebook page and drinking obscene quantities of alcohol that contained urine, hot sauce, and other disgusting ingredients.. The suit resulted in the fraternity being suspended from campus for three years and the fraternity expelling thirty eight of it’s members.

I am glad that Vivenzio took this to the police and sued. This could have turned into an even more ugly situation for a lot of those people. If those pictures were leaked, it is be very possible that those people could have lost their jobs. I hope that fraternities learn that procedures like these that compromise people’s health are not cool and that they can even get them shut down for a particular period of time if they get caught.

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