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Photo: @PaulinaGretzky Instagram

Paulina Gretzky Post Baby Bikini Body

Paulina Gretzky takes to Instagram to prove that she is “that” mom. The mom that all other mom’s love to hate…

She shared the photo late Wednesday which shows off her post-baby-body. The 26 year old is lounging in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny super slinky black bikini. The photo has already garnered more than 8, 400 likes.

This racy photo isn’t the first of its kind. Before she began her relationship with golf professional, Dustin Johnson, she shared a collection of risqué selfies. They were so revealing that Paulina’s dad, NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, stepped in to see if he could fizzle out the photos.

While she may still be leaving little to the imagination, she claims that motherhood has opened her eyes. Just hours after giving birth to her son Tatum in January, she posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram. The caption read:

“From the moment you came into this world I knew how much you needed me but never realized how much I needed you.”

Johnson also claims that having a child has changed him. The thirty year old tested positive for cocaine in a sample taken during the PGA tour. He had turned to his mentor/future father in law for advice on how to juggle the celebrity life. But it was his son and fatherhood that has changed him for the better. Dustin says:

“It’s hard to describe, but just from the first day he’s born, your perspective on life completely changes. Things that were important aren’t important anymore. He’s kind of the only thing that’s really important, and being there for him and being a role model for him.”

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