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Painkillers and Homicide Correlations

Prescription drugs are very interesting medications, and while they do help the majority of people who use them, they also offer potential side effects that can really affect someone mentally, physically and emotionally. However, there seems to be a whole new add on to the mix in terms of side effects for these drugs now.

A study’s results are showing that painkillers in particular are bringing out and increasing the chance of its takers becoming more homicidal. This study looked at nine hundred and fifty nine people who were convicted for homicide and looking at their use of these drugs.

I am rather skeptical about the results of this study. I do believe that there is a chance of people’s homicide rates increasing because of these drugs, but I think some criteria needs to be met first. Firstly, I think that the people who have their homicide rates increased by painkillers probably have some kind of homicidal or off setting tendencies about them already, and that these drugs only magnify the tendencies. The way I see it, if any ordinary person were to have their chance of committing a homicide increase from using painkillers, there would be millions of people running around killing others, because while nine hundred and fifty nine people does seem like a lot of people to use for this particular study at first, when it is compared to the amount of people that take painkillers for long periods of time, the number seems almost insignificant.

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