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Pac Man and Super Mario Bros Getting Respect They Deserve

A lot of video games I can think of have been legendary in terms of their prime, but how many of them are actually capable of sustaining their impact upon the gaming industry for so many years? To the point of being recreated on the newer consoles and the consumer still responding the same with the number of purchases? Not many, that’s for sure. That is why two classic titles which I guarantee the vast majority of people have played at least once in their lives are being rightfully added to the hall of fame.

Super Mario Bros and Pac-man are the two classic titles that are being included in the video game hall of fame. For all those living underneath rocks or are just not video game fans at all, the Super Mario Bros series is about Mario, the classic Italian plummer who goes through all kinds of different environmental two dimensional worlds in order to face his arch enemy Bowser, the leader of the minions that are trying to stop Mario and reclaim the kidnapped princess Peach. This game has had countless amounts of spins on it, including the introduction of Mario to the three dimensional world and the creative use of water in Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube along with the journeys Mario takes into outer space in Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. Pac Man on the other hand, is a classic arcade game, where Pac Man, a yellow circle with a mouth’s goal is to eat all the dots in the course while avoiding the ghosts that force you to start over should you touch them. Some of these dots give Pac Man the power to eat the ghosts, but it is only temporary. Pac Man was also given his own game on the Nintendo Gamecube where he was also given an introduction to the three dimensional world. His two dimensional self was also given a make over and some other ways to play the classic game on the Play station three and Xbox three sixty.

I am glad that these games are getting the respect that they deserve. They have stuck around for periods of time where consoles have been released and fallen due to their newer versions, and people are still finding ways to play them to get that sense of nostalgia that they crave every now and then, despite there being much more interesting and aesthetic games out there to play. The next game Series I hope to see in the hall of fame in some way shape or form is the famous Pokemon series.

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