Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Over 100 Dead in Indonesian Plane Crash

On Tuesday, an Indonesian military transport plane slammed into a residential area shortly after take-off in the North of the country, as a result, more than one hundred people are feared dead. The aircraft, a C-130B Hercules aircraft was reportedly carrying 113 people, with some of the passengers being families of air force members, as was reported by Air Marshal Agus Supriatna. According to witnesses, the airplane appeared to explode shortly before it ploughed into one of Indonesia’s largest cities, Medan.

This accident is currently putting a huge spotlight on the Indonesian air force’s horrendous air safety record as well as its ancient planes. According to the Aviation Safety Network, there have been ten fatal crashes involving the Indonesian military or police aircrafts over the past decade. A spokesman for the air force, Dwi Badarmanto, reported that until it is determined what caused the crash on Tuesday, that all eight surviving C-130Bs would be grounded. That being said, there are plans to have military spending in Indonesia doubled by 2020, hopefully such a catastrophic accident like this will push President Joko Widodo to speed up this process so that no one else needs to die in a senseless accident like this.

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