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Orange is The New Black Drops Early – What to Expect this Season

The critically acclaimed comedy drama known as Orange is The New Black released it’s third season ahead of schedule last night, and fans across the net are ecstatic.  For the few that haven’t seen the prominent Netflix original, it follows Piper Chapman, a woman living in New York when she is sentenced to a women’s federal prison after she is convicted of smuggling drug money, an offence that happened 10 years ago.

“Season 3 is out on early release,” proclaimed Netflix’s website last night.  The show was originally going to be put up sometime around 3 am Eastern Time Friday, but instead appeared at 9 pm.  A Netflix spokeswoman declined to comment on the early release, saying: “I’m just going to let people enjoy the experience.”  Many people are presuming that the movie-streaming service staged the whole thing as a way to heighten anticipation and spread the word of the new season, and regardless of whether or not it was intentional, it appears to have worked.  #OITNB was trending on Twitter within 30 minutes of the new episodes dropping, coupled with excited tweets by the show’s cast like Lolita Foster, who plays the corrections officer Maxwell. “The wait is over. Get some.” she tweeted.  Kate Mulgrew, the actress who plays Red, wrote: “It’s true! Season 3 is available NOW! Go! Watch! Enjoy!”

The stars spoke with Us Weekly, each telling us what to expect in the new season.  Samira Wiley, who plays ‘Poussey’ in the show, expresses that there is going to be a focus on faith.  Yael Stone – who plays Lorna – repeated the same sentiment, saying: “I would say that we’re going back to faith, Jenji’s made that very clear. Even when you look at the promotion images, those candles, that idea of clinging to your hopes, lighting a candle, that one belief that you have. I think the season is about these women reaching for something to hold on to. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. ”  Selenis Leyva, the actress who plays Gloria, illustrated: “We’re only in Season 3 now, so I think that we have been exploring all the different groups in every season, we’ve given a little light to one here and there. I can’t wait for the Latinas to get more action, but then again, I can’t wait for a lot of people to get more action. The beauty of this show is that everyone does.” She added – “Every episode is not just about one person or one group. It’s always centered around everything.”

As a fan of the show, I also can’t wait to start watching the third season.  It’s proved to be a very well written narrative, featuring characters with real depth and emotions – not to mention it may be the first story in a long time that treats female characters as actual people rather than helpless plot devices or eye candy, while also spreading awareness about America’s incredibly flawed justice system.  All in all, I’m quite pleased with how it has turned out so far, so I don’t doubt that the third season will be just as great as its predecessors.

Netflix has already renewed the show for a fourth season, saying at the New York panel that filming will begin Monday.  So try not to binge watch too fast.


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