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Photo: Jeremy Cohn via Global News

Ontario Hwy 401 Multi-Vehicle Crash – Three Dead, Dozens Injured

Three people died and many more were injured after a multi-vehicle crash on Hwy. 401 Friday night.

At about 10:30pm there was a crash on the major highway east of Toronto. All the details to follow were provided by Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

It was reported that there were 20 vehicles and 4 tractor trailers involved in the pile-up in the westbound lanes on the 401. It appeared that cars entering a construction zone slowed down and a following tractor trailer did not. Without reducing speed, the tractor trailer hit the back of the vehicles in front and ended up pinning cars underneath larger trucks. Schmidt reported:

“It appears that one of the transport trucks was travelling westbound and as traffic began to slow in front of it due to construction this vehicle did not slow down and continued right into the back of traffic.”

According to statements, at the time of the accident there were very no environmental concerns which would have had a negative influence on driving conditions. The visibility was good and the road was dry.

Schmidt described the scene:

“With all these vehicles crumpled up, it’s an unbelievable scene here with steel and aluminum twisted around from these vehicles that are not even recognizable as cars.”

Photo: Jeremy Cohn via Global News
Photo: Jeremy Cohn via Global News

After everybody was accounted for, there were 19 individuals who suffered serious injuries. There were 5 individuals who were in critical condition and there were three people who didn’t make it (a woman, a man and a 12 year old boy).

The highway remained closed in both directions until Saturday afternoon when they were able to clear the accident site of all the debris.

The Ontario Provincial Police have made a statement reporting that charges may be pending for the driver of the tractor trailer that failed to slow down.

Thoughts and wishes go out to the families of those who were lost, but also to those who were injured in the accident and have a long road of recovery ahead.

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