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One Person’s Trash, Another Person’s Treasure

Ever heard the saying that I mentioned in the title of this article? Well, it is very true. Many of us throw things away, thinking that the effort needed to be put in to selling that same possession will simply not be worth the money. In most cases, we are correct, but that is because most of the time, we aren’t throwing things that are the first of it’s kind away. However, the person who threw away this rare breed of computer is probably kicking themselves now.

After it was dropped off, this rare computer, supposedly one of the first few apple computers to ever hit the market, was snatched up by a collector who either recognized what it was, or decided to take a chance on it and grab  it. It was then sold for an astonishing two hundred thousand dollars.

Stories like these are rather rare, but they teach valuable lessons. Unsure about something you’re considering throwing away? Get it checked out before you choose to part with it, or something like this could very well happen to you. I can think of many cases similar to this one as well. For instance, there was a woman who found an unrolled roll up the rim to win cup at Tim hortons and there ended up being a car as the reward. Other examples of things like these are dropped lottery tickets, and disposal of old articles of clothing that could be collector’s items. Moral of the story, be careful about what you throw away!

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