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Olivia Newton-John With Daughter At Xanadu Anniversary (New Music Video)

Saturday, July 8 – This last weekend Chloe Lattanzi had a pretty smokin’ date to the 35th anniversary of Xanadu…her mom, Olivia Newton John!

The absolutely ageless Grease star stood proudly beside her daughter to celebrate not only the anniversary of Xanadu but also the premier of their brand new music video. Olivia, 66, and Chloe, 29, joined creative forces and put together a track called You Have To Believe. The song is a new take on Olivia’s 1980 hit, Magic, and featured the mother/daughter duo both in the vocals and in the trippy video!

The pair hold such respect for one another but they did face some friction on certain wardrobe choices. Lattanzi stated:

 “She just made sure that, you know, I didn’t dress like too much of a stripper for the video. (…) I made sure that she sexied it up a little bit.”

Olivia, being such a natural beauty, stole the video. She is such a wholesome image and her white mesh top was a perfect fit for her! Chloe dressed a bit more scant in her thigh highs, corset and ice blue contacts. As any proud mama would, she gushed over her daughter and made sure to give her all the credit. She said:

“She’s much more beautiful than I ever was. She’s so talented and has her own sound.”

You Have To Believe was produced by Dave Aude and was filmed at both Share Nightclub and Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

The video will be made available on iTunes as of August 11th and you can get your hands on the song itself on August 21st!

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