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Officer using Excessive Force Results in Resignation

I recently did a post about this story, where a police officer was put on suspension for using excessive force. Well, it seems that this one incident has resulted in that same officer resigning.

The police department that employed this man clearly stated that their training did not include using this kind of action given the current situation. They even further went to say that there were a large number of officers on the scene and only the one who was suspended was out of line with his behavior. After all of the protesting done by the community where the incident happened, this caused the officer to end up quitting his job.

What I find interesting about this is the comments from the witnesses. On one side, there are some black people who think that this situation had nothing to with race, as the officer was merely trying to organize a bunch of rowdy teenagers and even says the entire situation on top of that was being blown out of proportion. However, there was a white teenager who says otherwise. The teenager claims he was witnessing the officer being hostile to a group of black teenagers his age, but showed no hostility toward him, despite him being in the middle of the crowds that the officer was showing vulgarity to. I am also rather glad that this officer resigned. Why? Well for one, he must have realized after looking at the protesters, video footage, and what the teenagers being attacked had to say that he was out of line. Second, I am not calling him racist in this next part, but maybe, just maybe this officer also realized that he may have some racist tendencies in him, and later on down the line it may affect how he performs his job again. I also have a message for the people at the pool party. For those who started with the racist comments, I advise you to stop immediately. Why? Because believe it or not, I care about you. These groups of people that you insulted a few days ago only replied with an excuse me and then only reacted by fighting like you were. Well, what happens when you meet someone who is either very proficient in martial arts and has no discipline in terms of when to stop when you cry out for mercy? What happens when you encounter someone with weapons they are not afraid to use equipped to them? Especially among a group of people who are one of the populations known for carrying unauthorized weapons? (I know that saying such a thing sounds racist, but you cannot ignore the statistics. Black people are one of the races that are heavily associated with gang violence and weapons.) Exactly. I do not know what would happen, nor do you. Would those people who would react and harm you in a much worse manner get charged and arrested by the police? Sure, but this charge and arrest could very well be at the expense of your or one of your innocent family member’s lives.

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