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North Carolina – Shark Attacks Teenage Girl

A fun afternoon swim turned menacing for one young teenage girl.

Thursday, at about 2:40 in the afternoon, the Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina became a nightmarish scene. A thirteen year old girl was out in the water on her boogie board when every swimmers worst case scenario came true. A shark approached the teen and bit twice into her board, taking out large plate sized chunks. Unfortunately for the girl, the shark also got a hold of her foot. According to WWAY the shark involved in the attack was about four feet long. Beach patrols monitored the area following the attack.

ABC News obtained the 911 call. Here are some pieces of the conversation:

Caller: “It got a hold of her foot and it bit her board in half”

Dispatcher: “Is there any serious bleeding?”

Caller: “Yeah its bleeding pretty bad. She’s got two huge chunks out of her foot.”

It was the second shark attack this week and the fourth shark attack in American waters in two weeks! Earlier this week in Cocoa Beach Florida it was a ten year old boy who got bit while he was wading in waist deep water. Due to the severity of the bite, he was flown out to a trauma hospital in Orlando.

Sharks don’t usually intend to attack humans. However, if they see something that they interpret as food…they wont hesitate to indulge themselves in a little taste test.

So remember to swim safe and research the steps you can take to avoid shark attacks!

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