Monday , September 24 2018
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No Supermodel Treatment for Kate Moss

There was no supermodel treatment for model Kate Moss on Sunday. The runway model was escorted from a flight after causing a disturbance.

Moss, 41, was reportedly drinking alcohol out of her luggage during the flight after being denied a beverage during the flight. Ironically, Moss was flying back to London after finishing a relaxing getaway and detox retreat in Bodrum.

The police were called to escort Moss from the flight upon landing. There were no formal complaints lodged against the passenger. Moss was flying with EasyJet, who has confirmed that they “do not tolerate disruptive behavior and will always report any incidents to the authorities”.

Onlookers and passengers noted that she was not aggressively disrupting the flight, but was actually quite humourous. Some passengers report that the flight crew acted unnecessarily by removing the supermodel from the flight.

Moss has since commented that she has returned home safe and sound.


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