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No alcohol to be consumed during pregnancy, recent studies say

With a plethora of reports surfacing and no shortage of general advice, it may seem obvious at this point that mixing alcohol and pregnancy isn’t a good idea. Many reports have shown varying results, as to how much is a safe amount to consume while pregnant, if at all. Recent studies released by the American Academy of Pediatrics have led to pediatricians pleading to mothers to not drink at all during pregnancy.

Drinking during pregnancy is never a good idea, with consumption leading to birth defects and issues in cognitive development throughout life. With just one drink consumed daily, the chances of growth retardation increases significantly.

It is important to remember that the effects alcohol has on your body will have the same effects, and worse, on your baby. Drinking can have damaging effects both in and out of the womb.

Brain cells in the baby are constantly developing throughout the pregnancy, which mitigates all studies saying it’s safe to drink depending on trimester. Studies have shown that mothers who drank in the first trimester increased the risk of developmental issues to 12 times, those who drank in the first and second trimester 61 times, and drinking for the entire duration led to a 65 time increase.

Findings vary depending on what study is being looked into. However, it is safe to say that everyone reacts differently to alcohol, and it will affect each mother’s pregnancy differently.

Ultimately the decision lies in the hands of the mother, as not all studies are able to conclude the same negative effects. It is in the mother’s best interest to educate themselves about the risks involved in drinking while pregnant and decide if they are worth it.

Because of the studies done that show the high risks involved with even small amounts of alcohol consumed, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your child’s well-being and healthy development. As the American Academy of Pediatrics believes, the right amount of alcohol to consume while pregnant is no alcohol at all.

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