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Nintendo’s Mario is not going Anywhere

Some of you may be thinking that like other gaming companies have done with their characters, Nintendo may finally give their famous Italian plumber a break from the spotlight since he is almost thirty years old. Well, think again, Mario is not going anywhere. Nintendo realizes that their customers absolutely love him and his friends, so they are continuing the plot that they usually use.

Nintendo has announced that Mario will still be very well making himself the dominant figure on their Wii U console, as he will appear on many more titles to come, including a title expected to arrive later this year called Ultra Smash, which will be the Wii U’s version of Mario Tennis.

I love Nintendo’s approach on this part. They have seen and taken note that people loved their characters since before the Nintendo 64, and while they have introduced new games for their consoles over the years, the main characters that everyone knows and loves are still very much alive and it looks like they are going nowhere for a long time.

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