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Nicole Kidman’s Upcoming Birthday And Anniversary!

It’s her birthday and she’ll do what she wants to…!

It’s a big week for Oscar winner, Nicole Kidman! It’s hard to believe that in just over a week the actress will be celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary to country music star Keith Urban! It’s even more difficult to believe that in just three days the actress will be turning forty-eight!

It seems that with all that going on, June would be a month full of big parties and fun times. However, Nicole prefers to keep things low key and just skim over the milestones.

Celebrities get constant attention every day, so for her birthday Nicole wants to step out of the limelight. She revealed, “I don’t really celebrate a big birthday thing. I always say I get enough attention so I don’t need any more. I just like to have my family really close and snuggle.” Daughters Sunday (7) and Faith (4) better get ready! Hugs and kisses are coming their way!

When asked what her plans were for celebrating her anniversary she answered:

“Keith is doing a gig so I’m going with him. I’ll be dancing on the side of the stage and kissing him when he comes off.”

A concert where you’re married to the guy that the whole crowd is drooling over… I’d say that’s a fun way to spend an anniversary! In terms of dinner, she’s leaving that in Keiths hands.

Keith comes from a home of all boys (minus his mother) and now, being in a house full of ladies he says he is “learning an enormous amount”. I’m sure he’ll plan something extra special for their relaxed, romantic dinner together.

Happy anniversary, you two! And Happy Birthday Nicole!

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