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Photo: Youtube via The Late Late Show With James Corden

Niall Horan Plays Sleep, Marry Cruise With James Corden

James Corden is at it again! In his newest edition of Carpool Karaoke he invited Niall Horan to join him on his way to work. Corden ended up getting a little more than his invitation asked for! He ended up with an SUV full of One Direction band mates!

One Direction’s appearance on The Late Late Show was comprised of an interview and a couple skits (one of which involved the boys playing dodge ball coached by Corden himself). But the Carpool Karaoke clip is the absolute must watch from their visit. They sang songs, danced in matching outfits and even played a round of “Sleep, Marry, Cruise.”

As always, Corden blasted songs by his guests on the radio as they all sang along. Their harmonies were on point, and during one song, Corden even broke it down and added in his own rap!

In an adorable and cheeky moment all the boys put on matching denim shirts and humoured Corden by dancing out his choreographed car dance. Yup. That happened!

“Sleep, Marry, Cruise” was another highlight of the video for 1D fans. Or maybe it was a lowlight? Corden said he would list three women and Horan would have to assign each woman to one of the three categories. His list to choose from was Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Tina Fey. He said:

“One person you gotta go on a cruise for a year, sharing a room. You spend every minute of every day with them … one of them you marry, and one of them you just sleep with.” 

After a very short moment to think about it, Niall responded with:

“Sleep with Tina Fey. Let’s marry Gomez and go on a cruise with Demi Lovato.” 

During the last few weeks there have been rumors circulating about a potential relationship between Niall and Selena Gomez after the pair had been reportedly spotted kissing and hanging out at the Santa Monica Pier. I’m sure his answers will just fuel those rumors more despite Gomez clarifying to Entertainment Tonight last week that the gossip is baseless.

Check out the video below and head to The Late Late Show With James Corden on YouTube to watch the Dodge Ball skit. It’s well worth it!

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