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Stephen "Greg" Fisk overlooking the Alaskan city's scenic countryside (Photo Source: Greg's Campaign Facebook Page)

Newly Elected Mayor of Juneau, Alaska Found Dead

Juneau Mayor Stephen “Greg” Fisk, was found dead in his home Monday, prompting a whirlwind of speculation in the community. Fisk’s first term as mayor had just begun in October and was scheduled to end in October 2018.

Now, many are questioning if Fisk was assaulted after injuries were reportedly found on his body, but authorities are abstaining from disclosing the type or severity of the wounds.

“It is not clear yet if the injuries are due to an accident or other trauma,” Juneau police told CNN, saying that those invested will have to wait until the autopsy report is released on Wednesday for further information.

The freshly-appointed Mayor was admired for his positive campaign and priorities in diversifying the economy, according to the Juneau Empire. His political opponent praised him so much that a local radio reporter had to ask him who he intended on voting for.

The 70-year-old mayor was discovered lying on the floor of his home’s front room by his son. Neighbors Don and Janet Kussart said that when the son opened the door to his father’s house, he started to yell.  The Kussarts live so close to the mayor’s house that they could hear the doors slam, but they didn’t hear anything that sounded like an assault.

“We don’t know a cause of death,” said Juneau Police Chief Bryce Johnson. Fisk bore no gunshot wound, and police have no evidence to suggest a drug overdose or suicide.

The mayor had a pervasive background in the fishing industry and worked as a fisheries consultant before running for Mayor.

Deputy Mayor Mary Becker is to take over Fisk’s duties until further notice, Juneau assembly member Maria Gladziszewski told the Dispatch News.

“He had great ideas about moving Juneau forward,” Gladziszewski said. “It’s just shocking and a tragedy that he won’t be able to do that.”

Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, sitting on the southeastern panhandle near Canada with a population of 32,000.

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