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New Yorker Takes a Stand on the Cosby Confessions

An iconic man with a dirty secret. Bill Cosby has been making headlines for months now with the rape accusations filing in one after another as the truth that has been hidden for almost 40 years is revealed. To anyone who follows the news, it is no longer a surprise when Cosby’s face is flashed before their eyes with another survivor story that follows in suit. Cosby’s dirty little secrets, 35 and counting, have come forward to finally let the truth out and put Cosby in his place and allow the years of abuse to catch up with him. These strong women who have lived with the burden of a secret for so long have finally come forward and told their stories and are finally being heard. One main source that is helping these women in telling their stories is the New Yorker, a well known magazine.

On Monday, the New Yorker released their latest issue with all 35 brave women on the cover, sitting in similar positions in black and white. A bold statement that people are calling ‘the best cover of the year’. But that’s not all the New Yorker has done, the inside of the magazine is plastered with interviews, statements, and stories from these 35 women who were drugged and raped by Cosby during his time in the spotlight. Some women reported friends and family telling them to hide what happened because of his fame and for fear that no one would believe them.

As amazing and brave as this cover statement is, there are many who took to the twittersphere and made the cover anything but black and white. Many people made nasty comments about the womens’ appearances and proceeded to call them liars. Not to worry though, there were those who responded back, defending the cover and the women inside. No comments were made by Cosby about the cover.

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