Wednesday , May 23 2018
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New York Smoking Rate at a New Low

Nicotine gum, e-cigarettes, and other products which drives people away from smoking habits have been developed by countries all over. These products are probably even working when you analyze the numbers of the amount of steady smokers that existed before and now. However, is there any way to increase the rate further? it seems that New York City may be on to something.

The state has recently really been taking the cessation of smoking rather seriously through methods of making it harder for the younger audience to obtain cigarettes, and the amount of smokers in New York has gone down from twelve and a half percent being high school students down to seven percent, and eighteen percent for adults down to fourteen and a half percent. These reduced rates make New York City’s smoking population percentage even lower than the entire country’s on average.

I wish that other countries would follow in New York’s footsteps, and sooner or later we can end the habit of smoking once and for all.

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