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New Hampshire High School Donates Funds to Their Principal

Most elementary and high school teachers and principals usually treat their jobs as just that, jobs. However, there are others who really take the time to interact with their co workers and students and build a connection with them. Sometimes, these interactions pay off big time, as the reward during this case was completely unexpected.

The principal of this new Hampshire high school was diagnosed with a cancer of the soft tissue which would keep her away from her job for an unannounced period of time.

According to the students of the school, the principal spent a lot of time and worked hard in teaching her students that compassion and caring for others is an incredibly important value to have. These teachings resulted in this principal receiving eight thousand dollars from her students that was supposed to be used for an annual school trip.

The kindness does not stop there. The students of the school were also happy to announce that they would be hosting more fundraisers in an effort to help their principal with her illness.

I love stories like these. They show that people who care for others and are willing to give up a pleasure of their own to help someone else still exist, and that is hard to come by in the world today. It also goes to show that teachers and principals establishing a connection with their students is definitely worth it. Am I saying that every principal or teacher who does this is going to receive eight thousand dollars? No, but I am saying that one way or another doing so will reward them. Whether it be with a material possession given to them personally or the principal reading about or hearing about some kind of act of kindness from one of her students in the newspaper on the news, I believe it will get back to them.

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