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New Game of Thrones Actor Revealed – Sam’s Brother

Game of Thrones fans are grasping for any information regarding the upcoming season. Although it won’t satiate our quench for long, something new has been revealed!  

It’s officially announced that Freddie Stroma will be brought on to season six of Game of Thrones as Samwell Tarly’s brother. We’ve come to love the super sweet, super squishy Samwell and it will be interesting to meet some of the characters that we know had shaped the man Sam was when we first met him.

Sam’s father, Lord Randyll Tarly wanted his more esteemed son, Dickon, to be the heir to his throne. However with Sam in the picture there was no way that could happen. So Lord Randyll told Samwell that he had two choices…join the Night’s Watch or be killed. More of a command than a choice, really!

The books by George R.R. Martin don’t reveal much about Dickon’s character but I’m sure fans won’t complain about having another character we love to hate. Fans will likely also be introduced to Lord Randyll in the coming season as well.

Freddie Stroma is an English actor who is no stranger to the big screen. He starred in the fictionalized reality show, UnREAL. He was in the final two Harry Potter installments AND he will be in the upcoming film, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. HBO’s Game of Thrones has been nominated for twenty four Emmy’s….not too shabby of an addition to Stroma’s resume!

Sam was leaving Castle Black with Gilly and little Sam and heading to Oldtown when we last saw him. Hopefully next season he will fulfill his dream of becoming a maester and we can see him serve some justice to his horrible family. That means YOU, Stroma! #SorryNotSorry

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