Sunday , March 29 2020
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New Fitness Watch Only $16

With a current fitness-craze taking place, it is becoming more and more common to see activity trackers in the form of watches. These are made for ease and convenience, and an alternative to an obvious fitness tracker. This is great news for fitness fanatics who want this on-the-go convenience and want a 24/7 tracker rather than just an occasional tracker on a smart phone or app. Unfortunately, these watches are not the most economically friendly, ranging in price from $100 – $500+.

A company, Xiaomi, wants to get ahead of these prices and has just released their newest activity band, the Mi Band Pulse. This fitness band has a 20-hour battery life, is waterproof, and now monitors heart rate. At only $16, it is a huge bargain and a cheap alternative to pricey fitness bands. It also has an app that is compatible with both iPhone and Android, making it more universally available. It is currently only available for sale in China, but hopefully it will be made available to those outside the country soon.

The Mi Band Pulse boasts a ton of features that are available in more expensive watches, such as the ability to track steps, monitor heart rate, and alert you of incoming calls. The Pulse will also monitor your sleep and has the option to gently wake you before your alarm goes off, giving you a more healthy and happy start to the day.

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