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New Development in William Tyrell Disappearance

It’s been almost 10 months since three year old William Tyrell mysteriously disappeared right from his grandmother’s yard in Kendall, New South Wales.  Dressed up in his favourite Spider-man outfit, Tyrell was believed to have been snatched up in the short window of time his family was looking away.  Now, based on some new evidence investigators are beginning to think that Tyrell’s story may be linked to a paedophile ring.

Their neighbour, a local white-goods repairman was set to fix William’s grandmother’s washing machine a few days before the incident occurred.  63 year old William Spedding was arrested in April of 1987 for separate allegations of the sexual assault of two children under 10 years old.  Spedding’s home and business nearby were searched in January, with Police seizing various items for forensic testing, but it wasn’t until they searched his work fan that they found a Spider-man figurine.

“[One line] of inquiry relates to people we suspect [of] being involved in a paedophile ring,” said homicide squad commander Mick Willing  on Friday.  “We are vigorously pursuing that line of inquiry.  This investigation is moving at a very fast pace and we are pursuing every lead that we get. If anyone has any information we urge them to come forward.”  Investigators would like to stress however that this is not their only line of inquiry.

“[He loved] anything that related to Spider-Man and superheroes,” said William’s father in a video.  His parents say he was a very cautious boy and he would never go out with a stranger, explaining in a shaky tone that someone must have “reached over … had gone ‘clump’ on his shoulders, picked him up and moved him on … because … that’s the only way … to explain for him not to be there.”

TYRELLTWO“I want him to be safe, I want him to be feeling loved and I want someone to be looking after him because to imagine that something else is going on … we can’t live like that.” she adds.

Spedding and his wife have repeatedly denied any involvement, but it is quite difficult to see them as completely innocent with Spedding’s shaky past, his visit to the house so close to the incident, and the suspicious findings like the large maze-like structure that was found under Spedding’s house, complete with a trap door entrance.  The police are still looking into his residence.

However it’s possible that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Perhaps he is a truly changed man and he really isn’t involved in any way.  William and Margaret Spedding have recently spoken out about the ordeal, saying it has been very hard and they are “both close to a nervous breakdown.”  In a teary-eyed interview, the couple express their concern for how their grand-children may view them, with Margaret saying “The children I’m worried about…because it affects them too.”

NSW Police have said that they “cannot comment on this ongoing investigation other than to continue to appeal for any information that may assist with the case.”  They assure everyone that they’re working diligently to work out the details and find William Tyrell.  Here’s hoping that the toddler is found alive and well, and that Spedding is as innocent as he claims.  Although if he really is, I’d personally advise him to make a statement explaining why they have a maze-system under their house…that, coupled with everything else, is just a little too suspicious to me.

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