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New Addition to List of Super Foods

Are you one of those people who loves super foods? You know, the ones that lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and overall just make you feel better? Well, research has good news for you. There’s yet another kind of food that you can add to your list in your quest got immortality, and there’s a good chance that you may already have this food in your home!

You have probably heard about the hype from this food before, but there is even more evidence about it now. The food is peanuts. Like I said before, you have likely heard some benefits of this food, but even further analyzing has been done now. It turns out, that since peanuts are found in a shell originally, similar to how peas are found in a pod, they can be classified as a legume. That is not all. The research done around peanuts was done in the Netherlands, with people ages fifty five to fifty nine. Participants in the study were asked about their peanut consuming habits and their results from medical testing. It turns out, that the adults who consumed just under half of a handful of peanuts daily had significantly lower health risks than their non but consuming counterparts. Some may be wondering about peanut butter in this regard, but I assure you that eating that will not deliver the same results. Peanut butter contains trans fatty acids, sugar and excessive amounts of salt, so peanut butter does not quite make the cut.

Peanuts are very easy to include in your diet if you are creative about it. You can blend them with your other ingredients in milkshakes, you can throw them in your salads, and you can even add them to your desserts. This one extra step could be what let’s you live for a whole extra two years, so I encourage those who do not eat peanuts already to begin adding them into their diets.

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