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Netflix leaks Orange is the New Black season 3 trailer.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.

Not a lot gets the general populace going than drama, two ladies having a passionate roll in the prison issued bedsheets, and violence.

Good news, general populace! Netflix has delivered.

Orange is the New Black is gearing up for its third season and wasted no time in getting the newcomers up to speed. It will be bigger, better and with 99.9 per cent less germs. Which is great, since we all know prison can be a filthy, filthy place. We could all afford to take a few personal hygiene tips from Taystee.

The trailer features clips from the older seasons, as well as the upcoming third season. Aside from the low-brow humour we have all learned to love from Orange is the New Black, we can also look forward to cat fights in the shower, remembering Santa Claus doesn’t exist and a lot less Larry. Hopefully there will be a few pruno jokes too.

A fourth season has already been green lighted, so we’ll be seeing a lot more of them after we’re done binge watching all of Season 3 and having a slight existential crisis.

Piper and the rest of the prison gang will return to Netflix on June 12th.

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