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Native American Tries to Halt Ban On Eagle Feathers

The topic of religion in schools is rather frustrating if you ask me. All of these people who feel so entitled to their religion think that they are invincible when it comes to these rules. I personally agree with the public high school’s course of action when it comes to religion. However, it seems as though a particular native American student does not agree.

eighteen year old Christian Titman was not happy when he was told to remove his eagle feather during his high school graduation. According to him, the eagle feather where he comes from is a representation of great achievement, which graduating from high school is for anyone.

I realize that religion is part of the whole freedom of expression argument. However, this particular case does not discriminate on the native American beliefs alone, it prohibits everyone from wearing their religious bearings in order to keep a neutral ground for all these students. I agree with this neutral ground principal because when if someone were to really accommodate every holiday or ceremony celebrated by every single religion attended at a school, there likely would not be enough time for people to actually get a decent education. I understand the frustration of not being able to express what you so strongly believe in at school, but all you can do is save it for outside. Maybe Titman should have looked around to see that there was not anyone around him with rosaries, crosses, or any other types of symbols regarding expression during the ceremony as well, before shouting discrimination.

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