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National Hamburger Day!

Did you celebrate National Burger Day yesterday? No? Well, it’s Friday and today you don’t need an excuse to spoil yourself and chow down!

There are lots of amazing burgers and burger joints out there. The question is what makes a burger truly special? Is it the mouth-watering patty, the homemade bun, the toppings or the sides?

Sure, most people crave the classic burger…but if you are a foodie like me, you may prefer to venture out and try the gourmet burgers! Those super intimidating burgers that are so tall they need a toothpick to hold them together. They are a worst nightmare for daters that leave you with a beard of tomato and sesame seeds but if you can drop your pride at the door and embrace the mess, they can be a real treat!

Now, before I go on to describe my favorite burger, there are two things I need to tell you.

  1. I absolutely LOVE burgers. All things burger. I love classic burgers, I love gourmet burgers. I love the cheese, the veggies, the mayo and relish. I love the sides of onion rings, fried pickles and sweet potato fries. I love it all!
  2. I am a pescetarian. Meaning I stick to fish patties and veggie burgers. I am meat intolerant but understand the pull towards the delicious, juicy beef patties. I will say this though; if you get a good non-meat burger it can be JUST as satisfying! You just have to be careful because not all veggie burgers are created equal!

My dream burger…

The bun – a yummy, heavy brioche bun

The patty – a peppercorn crusted black bean burger

The toppings – sweet and spicy mayonnaise, goat cheese, tomato, lettuce

The side – sweet potato fries and a nice juicy pickle

And of course a bottomless diet coke, please!

What’s your favorite burger? Whatever it is…go out today and treat yourself to it! After all, yesterday was National Burger Day! ;P

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Krystal Tucker
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