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MTV Australia Owns Up To Offensive Golden Globes Tweet

Last night social media was ablaze with talk of the Golden Globes. Who wore what, who won what and what amazing and awful jokes host Ricky Gervais came up with. But one Twitter account got quite a bit of heat for a joke said in poor taste.

After Eva Longoria and America Ferrera presented an award, MTV Australia tweeted from their official account:

 “Where are the English subtitles? We have no idea what @AmericaFerrera and @EvaLongoria are saying.”

Of course, the tweet was taken down shortly after it was posted, but once a tweet has been seen it can’t be unseen. MTV Australia gave two follow up tweets addressing their offensive comments. The first was:

“Our Tweet was in reference to @EvaLongoria & @AmericaFerrera’s #GoldenGlobes joke. We sincerely apologise for causing offence.”

In case you didn’t watch the Golden Globes yet, the joke they are referring to was a hilarious conversation that Eva Longoria, 40, and America Ferrera, 31, had about being confused for other Hispanic actresses. Ferrera had been misidentified on the Golden Globes official Twitter account as Jane The Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez. They were playing off the other Latina celebrities with their intro. This is what was said:

Eva – “Hi I’m Eva Longoria…not Eva Mendes.”

America – “And I’m America Ferrera…not Gina Rodriguez.”

Eva – “And neither one of us are Rosario Dawson.”

America – “Well said, Salma.”

Eva – “Thank you, Charro.”

Obviously MTV had a bit of a foot in mouth moment, but their second tweet following their slip acknowledged their lack of judgment. They said:

“We get it was a bad call. We’ll leave the humour to @rickygervais.”

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