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Motivation, Cash and Health

I wrote an article on the topic of the effects of cash on people quitting their dirty habits or going to the doctor regularly not too long ago, and I said that I thought that that was great and I still believe it is. However, I want to offer a point that is a little different in this one.

The pharmaceutical industry is studying into the effects of cash on those with addictions. They first began with merely offering cash prizes for those who could go without smoking for a certain period of time. Although it was effective, it did not quite deliver the results that they were looking for, so they threw a new element into the mix. Not only did they offer cash as a reward, but they were also asking for a deposit from those participating, and if they were successful in keeping the habit off for a designated amount of time, they would get their money back, along with some additional cash. Researchers have now taken it a step further, and have incorporated HIV patients into the mix. Some doctors are now offering patients up to two hundred and eighty dollars annually to take their pills daily, meanwhile others offered twenty five dollars to others to take a test to see if they had HIV, and one hundred extra dollars on top of it to come back for the results.

In the other article related to this, I probably said that it is great that doctors are finding a way to get people to take their health a little more seriously, even if it is not for the sake of their health alone and money is the true motivator. I still think this is true, because it produces healthier  human beings at the end of the day, regardless of the means. However, when I thought about it again, I thought about how sad it is that money is the main cause of people taking their health seriously. When it comes to situations like these, I always look at it this way. If you are an unhealthy human being, smoking cigarettes daily, eating junk food on a frequent basis and have other habits that you know are simply not good for you, what good will money do you if you can not enjoy it for a nice long time? I say this because I feel that those who are engaging in this whole bribery in order for them to quit smoking or whatever did not have any intentions of stopping their bad habits in the first place. I simply am unable to wrap my head around the idea that people do not understand that they can not enjoy their money if they always need to have check ups at the doctor or if they find themselves squeezing their hearts at the thought of a thirty second jog. It is unfortunate, but sometimes these types of people need a life threatening scare in order for them to change their ways or make a serious effort in doing so. I hope with all my might that they realize it before something traumatic like this happens, because sometimes those types of experiences are the kind that you do not walk away from.

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