Thursday , February 27 2020
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More Bad News for Meat Eaters

Meat eaters are in for some more negative health findings. After recent reports that bacon is reportedly a carcinogen and that there are unusual and downright creepy ingredients in hot dogs (human DNA), there’s another blow for carnivores.

A new study found that people who consume more grilled meat are at an increased risk for kidney cancer. The study reports that any type of grilled meat is a factor: red meat, pork, even chicken.

Researchers from the University of Texas compared 659 individuals recently diagnosed with kidney cancer to 699 similar individuals who are cancer-free. The American Cancer Society says “kidney cancer is among the 10 most common cancers in both men and women. For reasons that are not totally clear, the rate of new kidney cancers has been rising since the 1990s.”

The researchers question if an increase in eating any meat may be a contributor to the findings. The findings published state, “the American/Western dietary pattern consists largely of red and processed meats, and the results of the current study suggest that the association between this dietary pattern and cancer may be in part explained by exposure to meat cooking mutagens.” The genes of individual may lead to increased risk; however, more research is need to locate the parts of the population more susceptible to risk of cancer through meat products.

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