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"A Sulawesi Macaque named “Zimm” escaped her enclosure at the Memphis Zoo" (Photo: Memphis Zoo)

Monkey On The Loose In Memphis Zoo!

Thursday, July 9th – Memphis Zoo officials scramble to capture an escaped monkey.

Zimm is a beautiful little Sulawesi Macaque monkey. The little girl found her way out of her enclosure on Thursday and sent officials into a frenzy trying to recapture her. Memphis Zoo told NBC that visitors who were in the park at the time of her escape were taken out of the area and brought indoors. They don’t believe Zimm is a danger to anyone but are required to take precautionary measures just in case.

A video released shows zoo keepers with nets in hand trying to corral her to no avail. The small nets the zoo staff have are no match to Zimm’s curiosity and mischievous ways. She is seen scurrying around; arms spread wide open without a care in the world.

Marketing and communications manager at the Memphis Zoo, Laura Doty, told NBC that even though the zoo has yet to catch little Zimm, they do know right where she is. They’ve located her and will be keeping an eye on her until they’re able to put her back in her home.

NBC updated their report Thursday evening saying that Zimm is believed to be sleeping in a storm drain and Memphis Zoo is optimistic that she will be captured Friday morning.

The zoo even tweeted a little message to their sneaky girl. They tweeted:

“We have you in our sights, @Zimm901. Sleep well, little macaque. We’ll have you home soon.”

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