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Mobile Device Extra Features Coming to the UK

Mobile phone companies have come a long way since the mere mobile telephone that merely made phone calls, and may have been able to keep a limited list of your favourite contacts. Since then, the smartphone has been developed, which is capable of text messaging, email, downloading apps for just about every task you would ever need, access to the internet, and even contacting people from across the world via Facetime, Skype and other programs which perform such actions. The only problem with this now is that only countries similar to Canada, and the US were able to conveniently use these features without paying an arm and a leg.

Fortunately, the UK is doing something to change that. Starting in just 2 months, the UK will be making plans which include these features to a limited extent for free. An example of such a plan is 200 megabytes of data, 200 text messages, and 200 minutes worth of voice calls every month with no additional cost. Obviously, the plan for phone companies doing business in the UK is to increase sales of their plans by adding these new features to them without additional fees.

Personally, I like that this is happening a lot. It is simply amazing how far we have progressed with technology, and how we have shattered the barriers of communication created by distance. I like that this is happening because while I recognize that mobile phone companies need to make money in order to stay alive, countries all over the world deserve access to this technology. I also like this because for a long time, families all over the world have been separated from their loved ones for extreme amounts of time, and are limited to whatever money they can save up for an absurdly expensive flight, only to end up staying for a week or two. Although there are limits to how long they are permitted to talk without paying extra, while they stay within the parameters monthly, these families are now able to talk almost daily without breaking the bank.

Hopefully when the UK launches their new cell phone plans with these additional features for free, it makes a large impact on the sales market over there so that other countries can follow in the footsteps of the UK, and slowly but surely, everyone will have a chance to have access to this technology.

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