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Missing Teen Found in Car

The missing jogger who made a mysterious disappearance Wednesday night has been found and she alive and OK. On Thursday night around 5pm, police found the missing 18 year old University student inside a car on Hermitage Drive in Maiden Gully, near Bendigo.

The last place the teen was seen was when she left for a jog on Wednesday afternoon and never returned from her run. Friends reported having received a photo from her while at the top of a hill in the One Tree Hill area, where it is believed that she run down and went missing shortly after.

Friends and family prayed for a safe return and thankfully, that it exactly what they got.

Searchers on Thursday were just about to call off the search, saying they’d cut off at 6:30pm and beginning looking again Friday morning, when they came across a car containing the teen.

The young girl was taken to hospital after being found conscious and in stable condition, being able to speak despite being quite shaken up. It was not mentioned by police whether she was bound or tied up and they are not releasing any information on whether she was assaulted or not. It is not yet known why she was taken to this area.

A man was arrested not long after the teen was found in the car and is currently under interrogation. The man is described to be from Bendigo, the neighboring town from where the young girl was found and to be in his late 30s. He was found near the area where the 18 year was found in the car and shortly after taken in for interrogation.

Police were said to have been giving a tip about the car which would have aided them on finding the missing girl.

Foul play is said to not be a factor in this case but, with the 30 year old man being taken into custody, people are beginning to think otherwise.

The sexual crime Squad has taken over the investigation at this point and are urging people to call crime stoppers, 1 800-333-000, if they have any information regarding the girl and her disappearance.

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