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Miss World Canada denied access into China

The Miss World Pageant host country has changed from Australia to China. This became an issue when Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada, found that her visa application had been stalled.

None of the other Miss World ladies had any problems. The unfortunate reality is that China only supports certain religions and any one who is affiliated with an unapproved group can be placed in prison.

This affects Anastasia due to her ties with with a spiritual group called “Fallun Gong,” which was outlawed in 1999 and described by critics as a cult. Anastasia Lin fully supports Fallun Gong and even plays a Fallun Gong prisoner in a movie that will soon be coming out.

Lin has made it clear that it is very important for her to be able to revisit China for the sake of the oppressed citizens. She is a very outspoken activist and feels that her activism helped her win her title as Miss World Canada.

Unfortunately, it looks as though Anastasia Lin will not be able to participate in the Miss World Pageant. The Miss World legal department has made it clear the show will go on.

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