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Millionaire Playboy Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon Shown in New Light

Former AFL player Travers Beynon is perhaps best known for his social media escapades where he showcases his extravagant lifestyle.  The millionaire can usually be seen on his Instagram account surrounded by scantily-clad women and expensive cars, but is the ‘Candy Shop Mansion’ as Beynon calls it, as fun and exciting as his online posts make it seem?  A Current Affair took a peak at the underlying issues with the Candyman’s lifestyle and found many bits of evidence that point to a darker answer than one would expect.

But who is this Aussie Heffner-wannabe and where did he get such a fortune?  Well, his rugby career was short-lived thanks to a back injury, but he was picked up as a male model shortly after.  He continued to pursue modelling until 2006 when he inherited his parents’ tobacco empire known as ‘FreeChoice’.  He receives thousands of daily hits on his posts, showing off his over-priced toys and famously wild parties.  It’s hard not to be at least a little jealous of such a seemingly carefree way of living, but buried in Beynon’s autonomy is the exploitation of way too many others.

Oddly enough, Beynon has 4 kids.  2 from his current marriage, and 2 from his previous, deeming his 16-year old son the ‘Candyman Prince’ whom can be seen tagged in many of his Instagram posts.  It’s unclear exactly how someone who manages a mansion full of super models and near-constant parties could properly care for 4 kids, but leading Austrailian psychologist Sandy Rea believes Beynon is essentially breeding narcissism.  Growing up in such a sexually-driven environment and being tagged in your dad’s post seen by thousands as ‘Supermodel in the making’ as a 13 year old girl, for example, raises questions about what kind of people his kids may grow into.

“The prognosis of this early sexualisation is confirmed by research and is not a very good outcome.” says Rea.

And that’s only where the concerns start.  His in-laws have reportedly not had any contact with their daughter, Taesha Beynon, or their grandchildren (aged 3 and 4) since Taesha married the millionaire.  Taesha’s parents, Graham and Yvonne Appleby, try not to look at Beynon’s posts, despite them being the only connection they have to their daughter and grand-kids.  It’s understandable though, as no parent would ever want to see their daughter be treated in such a degrading way.

“What he has done is destroyed her, absolutely destroyed her,” said Yvonne on the matter, with Graham adding that he thinks of Mr. Beynon’s mansion as a borderline cult.  “I shudder to think what [our grandchildren are] exposed to in the house”.

As melancholy as that may sound for what otherwise seems to be a man enjoying his wealth, the word ‘cult’ isn’t so far off from how things go down in the Candy Shop Mansion.  You may be asking yourself how a wife would put up with her husband constantly having all these girls in bikinis dancing around, but it seems as though she’s an advocate.  In fact she shares the title of ‘Candyman Godess’, an apparent pseudonym for Beynon’s life partner, with another woman whom she refers to as her ‘bestie’ (whom the Candyman refers to as his girlfriend).  The two woman more often than not seem like an accessory instead of a wife or girlfriend, especially when they’re surrounded by 100 other women straddling their husband.  Beynon even hosts monthly ‘auditions’ where women strut their stuff to be deemed a ‘Candyman Angel’, which I can only assume means access to future Candy Shop parties and having the prestigious honor of being featured on his social media as eye candy.

On top of the countless criticisms of where Travers’ morals lie, many are also criticising his ethics.  The Cancer Council Queensland in particular believe the situation to be concerning, telling Gold Coast Bulletin “The use of social media to advertise smoking and the sale of tobacco products … undermines the strong tobacco control measures that have been introduced in Queensland to protect the community from the harmful effects of smoking.”  Tobacco advertising is actually against the law in Australia, and there are even restrictions in place for how tobacco products can be displayed in retail outlets and vending machines.  Because Mr. Beynon has posters and signs hung up all around his mansion, he is able to get around this when a FreeChoice label is casually shown in the background of one of his pictures or videos.

His ability to advertise his company while also outright bragging is almost admirable, but instead it paints a portrait of a self-obsessed egotist with more money than empathy.  Next time Travers Beynon tries to pass himself off as some sort of philanthropist who helps others, think back to Yvonne and Graham Appleby and how they have yet to even hold their grandchildren because this man would rather disconnect himself from reality and live a twisted life of luxury.

It it also noteworthy that Mr. Beynon has issued letters to be sent out by his lawyers warning anyone who knows of him not to speak to the media.  For someone who shares virtually every moment of his life with thousands of strangers online, it’s odd how apprehensive he is to defend himself.

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