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Military Family Reunites With Dog Lost Six Years Ago

If dogs could speak Bam, the white boxer, would certainly have a great story to tell!

Six years ago the Westons, a military family, lost their dog (Bam). He escaped their Washington home and didn’t return. After a while, the Westons had to come to terms with the fact that they would likely never see their beloved pet again.

The family eventually welcomed another white boxer into their home named Mila. They love Mila but still had an empty spot in their family where Bam used to be.

Flash forward six years to Fayetteville Animal Control where a Good Samaritan turned over a white boxer found by the side of the road. The center checked the microchip in the dog and discovered that the mystery dog was none other than Bam! They followed the information which lead them to the Westons Washington address but were eventually able to track them to their current home in Hope Mills.

The family was absolutely shocked and overwhelmed being reunited with their now ten year old dog. It was the surprise of a lifetime and certainly a happy way to celebrate father’s day weekend.

Fayetteville Animal Control reminds pet owners to keep their microchip information up to date to ensure lost animals get back to their families quickly and safely.

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