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Miley Cyrus belts it out with Ariana Grande in Onesies?

On May 14th this past Thursday, Miley Cyrus posted a cover of Crowded House’s, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. The song was performed in the star’s onesie, beside the angelic Ariana Grande. The setup was quite peculiar, with the two singers in onesies atop an inflatable green couch. As soon as the two began to sing, it was hardly noticeable beside their melodic duet.

Their singing was superb, and reflected so through the remarks of Neil Finn from Crowded House. The frontman was impressed by their cover saying,“I’m happy to see them enjoying it so much and hope it inspires some donations to a good cause.” The good cause mentioned, is Miley Cyrus’s new foundation to support youth of minorities such as homeless and LGBTQ youth, named The Happy Hippie foundation. Miley has done a series of backyard sessions involving her singing with various featured artists to raise money for this non profit foundation. Some of the artist featured include Laura Jane Grace, Joan Jett and Melanie Safka.

The 22 year old pop-star may get a lot backlash for the abrupt change from Hannah Montana to singing sex symbol but hopefully the masses can see merit in the good work she is doing to advocate for those whose voices should be heard. Though peculiar and chaotic her persona is, Miley Cyrus is standing up to be herself and tell the world they can be too.

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