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Miley Cyrus Artwork For Aids Research

Miley making a difference…                  

This past Tuesday Miley Cyrus participated in the sixth annual amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York. She attended the benefit in a fun, red, heart clad gown to auction off some artwork and make some money for AIDS research.

Cyrus created and donated three pieces, which she called “The Caitlyn Collection”, to raise money for the organization. She found inspiration in the Vanity Fair cover where Caitlyn Jenner revealed her post-transitioned self. The pieces were three variations of the cover which were sequined, glittered, painted and glued. They also featured Jenner’s autograph!

When the pieces went up to be auctioned they reached a $65, 000 bid! But that wasn’t enough for Miley. To try and get higher bids on the artwork, she took over as auctioneer and threatened…I mean…offered to show her breasts and clean houses naked. Just like that the bid went from $65, 000 to $69, 000 and the pieces found a new home.

The benefit didn’t just cover the auction though. The nonprofit organization also honored Miley with their Inspiration Award. In her acceptance speech she said:

“There are so many people around the world that deserve this recognition,” said Cyrus. “They’ve dedicated their lives to finding a cure for those living with HIV and AIDS, and they’ve used their voices to speak out against the brutal and unfair condemnation and the abominable stigma that comes with this disease. And by receiving this award tonight, I promise to continue to fight along … for a cure for this epidemic.”

She got particularly emotional when addressing her parents in her speech. She said:

“I just wanna tell my parents that I hope that this makes them proud and somehow makes up for all the s–t that I do, all the time. You are two of the most selfless people, and you have taught me and all my siblings how important it is to be there for those who need us and how important it is to care about other people and their lives. So thank you for making me like that.”

Following the event, Miley went home holding her head high. Riding off the excitement of the evening she shared an Instagram photo showing The Caitlyn Collection being held by the on-stage escorts during the auction.

Whatever you may think about the 22 year old singer, she’s making an effort to give back to society and that effort deserves to be acknowledged.

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