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Microsoft Sunrise Adds Wunderlist Comptibility

Great news for Wunderlist users! Microsoft’s Sunrise Calender has introduced support in unison with Wunderlistm so now you can view tasks from the to-do app in your daily agenda, as well as create new ones as well!

I for one am ecstatic not only to see two quality apps playing nice together, with the integration meaning you an change due dates for Wunderlist tasks in your calendar, forgetful people like me have even more tools to help remind ourselves what going on in our busy lives!

To enable the new features, visit Settings in Sunrise, select ‘Add Account’ and connect Wunderlist with your login details.

Once you’ve done that, you can choose which of your lists from Wunderlist you want to access in Sunrise. To add a to-do, create a new event and set any of those lists as the calendar.

It’s not an absurd idea to grasp, knowing that in a western society, we’re practically attached to our mobile devices, I admit that my Android phone is the hub of all of my business, academic and personal needs (without it, i’d probably not be able to function).

In a society that’s becoming increasingly reliant on technology, there’s also a place for the elders of our communities who have a hard time remembering things like doctors appointments, medication, etc. With this new integration, adding these events themselves (or with the help of a caretaker, family member, etc.) has the power to greatly improve the life of those who could really use the extra tool to help them out, especially with tools like cross device integration through accounts.

Just think, you could be sitting on your couch after a party that your friend threw, left to clean up his mess, but whats this? you found his phone? Well why not add your sunrise account to his calender, and switch around his appointments? Just think, the possibilities are endless!

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