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Microsoft Phone? To Buy or not to Buy?

Ask just about anyone walking up and down the street which phone companies are dominating the market. Your top responses are likely going to be along the lines of Apple, Samsung, and Android. However, what about another popular technology company coming into the mix? What if Microsoft started developing wireless phones again?

For those who did not know, the company behind the famous Xbox 360 did at one point make cell phones, but they were forced to write off the business due to not having not enough profits from it. However, Microsoft seems to want to make mobile devices a large part of their market again.

In my opinion, Microsoft’s new device would have be extremely, and I mean extremely complex, advanced, efficient, and easy to use for people to even consider giving up their current device. I say this because by now, people have spent years on top of years mastering their Iphone or Samsung Galaxy devices, and do not have the time or patients to take up a whole new device. Is the criteria I have laid out impossible to meet? Well, of course not, nothing is impossible. Further, in a more realistic perspective, I say this is not impossible because all the criteria I listed for Microsoft’s new mobile devices to be successful is exactly what the Samsung Galaxy did when it flooded the market when models like the S3 came out.

With Microsoft so heavy and dominant into the mobile computer business, and with the release of their new Xbox One, I see no reason for them to get into this market. At the same time, I am not in their shoes, so I cannot say for sure what I would do. Money definitely has power and talks in this world, so it may just be the opportunity to gain more that has sparked their interest in this industry. Personally, money is not a factor that drives me very hard.

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